KEYNOTE:  David Zaruk (The Risk-Monger) – Defining Sustainability

David is an environmental-health risk governance analyst specialised in EU policy debates. A pioneer in science communications and science and society issues for more than two decades, David sits on various research ethics panels and frequently serves as a chair, expert, rapporteur, ethics adviser or evaluator for European-funded research projects. He writes a blog under the pseudonym: The Risk-Monger, assessing the European use of evidence in environmental-health policy management.

 Luncheon: Adam Bighill – Anything is Possible

Adam started his career in the CFL in 2011, coming directly from Central Washington University. He spent 2011-2016 with the BC Lions winning the Grey Cup his rookie year. He then made his way to the NFL in 2017 to play for the New Orleans Saints. Following the NFL, Adam arrived in Winnipeg in 2018 and has been with the Bombers ever since. Adam has now won 3 Grey Cups, 2 most recently back-to-back with our Bombers. He also has been named the CFL's Most Outstanding Defensive Player 3x (2015,2018,2021). Adam is also a 6x CFL All-Star. Adam is currently 7th all time in tackles in CFL history and is climbing the ranks. Aside from his life on the football field, Adam is also a financial advisor with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth. His wife Kristina and he have been married since 2014 and have 3 kids, AJ who is 7, Leah who is 5, and Beau who is 3.

Emma Bedlington – Stratos

For 13 years, Emma has been working with companies, industry associations, governments and supply chain partners who want to take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future. Her work has spanned several sectors including agriculture, mining, forestry, energy, and finance. Whether she’s collaborating with farmers on sustainability program design or presenting to C-Suite executives, Emma is known for the relationships she builds and her ability to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation. Emma is a Principal Consultant with Stratos, an ERM Group Company and she focuses her practice on corporate strategy, external disclosure and reporting, performance measurement and program design. She is currently supporting the Potato Sustainability Alliance as they revamp their Sustainability Program.

Join her for a lively and informative discussion on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues facing Canadian agriculture: From Farm to Fork to Boardroom – Current ESG Trends and Influence in Agriculture.

Julie Pasche – NDSU

Dr. Julie Pasche is a plant pathologist at North Dakota State University. The mission of her research program is to improve management of economically important diseases of potatoes. She is fortunate to work with a talented group of post-docs, research scientists and graduate students on fungal, fungal-like, bacterial and viral pathogens. Currently, Julie’s research includes the development and implementation of quantitative molecular diagnostic assays, with a focus on soil-borne pathogens. Her program also works heavily in fungicide resistance and integrated pest management. Julie is working towards integrating molecular tools to identify disease resistance and better understand pathogen variability, facilitating the development of long-term management strategies.

Mike Thornton – U of Idaho

Dr. Mike Thornton is a professor of plant science working on potatoes for the University of Idaho at the Parma Research and Extension Center. His research program focuses on sustainable production of new varieties, management of in-season pest problems, and reduction of losses during storage. He has worked closely with key influencers in the potato industry (growers, commodity commissions, and processors) to document and address the most important issues they face. Mike has over 35 years’ experience in the potato industry in North America, and has worked both in academia and industry. This allows him to see problems from several perspectives, and develop effective research and extension programs.

Ph.D., Plant Science, 1990, University of Idaho
M.S., Horticulture, 1983, Colorado State University
B.S., Horticulture, 1980, Washington State University

Manphool Fageria, McCain Foods

Manphool Fageria was born and raised into a family farm business in India where agriculture became his passion. He completed his undergraduate, masters, and PhD in sustainable crop production and has over a 25 years of experience as an agronomist. Manphool brings a wealth of world-class potato science knowledge as well as a long history of growing different crops on two distinct continents. In addition to his experience, Manphool brings a genuine passion for creating science-based solutions to potato farming and regenerative agriculture. Currently, Manphool is working as Senior Scientist and Manager of the McCain Farm of the Future located in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, Canada. At the Farm of the Future, many regenerative agricultural practices and innovative technologies are being tested/validated to demonstrate that they are economically viable and regionally scalable. Working through public-private partnerships and collective action he helps push forward McCain's ambitions to support the industry in adopting these practices. Manphool’s hobbies include hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and playing volley ball, tennis, badminton and pickle ball.

Tracy Shinners - Carnelley, Peak of theMarket    

Dr. Tracy Shinners-Carnelley is Vice President, Research, Quality & Sustainability at Peak of the Market. She leads the research program at Peak which is focused on variety evaluation, improved pest management, and optimization of agronomic practices for fresh market potatoes. Tracy also spends time working with growers in their fields and packing houses, supporting activities in these same areas. She has a passion for working closely with the industry on challenging crop protection and production issues, both provincially and nationally.
Tracy obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Pest Management) from Dalhousie University and a PhD from the University of Alberta (Plant Science). In 2020 she was appointed as an Adjunct Professor (Faculty of Graduate Studies) Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University.

Zack Frederick - MHPEC

Dr. Zack Frederick has been the principal investigator of a research and extension program from 2017 to the present day for the Manitoba Horticulture Productivity Enhancement Centre (MHPEC) Inc. Zack’s efforts to study Manitoba’s potato yield variability have highlighted the importance of Verticillium wilt identification and management, as well as nutrition optimization for regional nitrogen and sulfur programs. Additional research is currently underway to study black dot and powdery scab identification and management, the development of disease-suppressive soils, irrigation decision support tools, seed cutter disinfection, and the implementation of precision agriculture tools into research with UAVs and a remote sensing device called Soil Optix.
Zack is married to his lovely wife April and now calls Carberry home.

Carl Rosen, U of Minnesota

Carl Rosen is a Professor and Extension Soil Scientist in the Department of Soil, Water, & Climate at the University of Minnesota and currently serves as Department Head. He received his MS degree in horticulture from Penn State University and a Ph.D. degree in Soil Science from UC Davis. Since 1983, his research and extension programs in Minnesota have focused on optimizing nutrient management for a variety of crops with particular emphasis on irrigated potato cropping systems. He has authored or coauthored numerous publications and extension bulletins on the subjects of nutrient management, soil fertility, plant nutrition, and beneficial use of by-products for crop production.

Haider Abbas, Manitoba Ag

Haider currently works as the Applied Research Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development, in Carberry at the Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre, where he is supporting MHPEC and local producers in executing a small plot research program with expertise in crop agronomy, soil and water management, crop variety evaluation, and organizing field research and extension activities. He also has working experience in precision agriculture technologies such as GPS, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) guidance systems, operation and maintenance of farm scale equipment, and grain cleaning equipment.

Haider received the Master’s degree in Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering from the University of Manitoba (Soil and Water Engineering focus), and a B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering (Irrigation & Drainage Engineering focus).

Mario Tenuta – U of Manitoba

Mario Tenuta P.Ag., is the NSERC/WGRF/Fertilizer Canada Senior Industrial Research Chair in 4R Nutrient Stewardship and Professor of Applied Soil Ecology at the University of Manitoba. His training includes a B.Sc. in Botany and Physical Geography, an M.Sc. in Soil Fertility, a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, and Post-Doctoral research in Nematology. The 4R Industrial Research Chair Program is advancing research in 4R nitrogen management practices to give farmers and industry solutions to achieving nitrous oxide emission reductions and improved soil health and crop productivity. Mario has long-standing experience and interest in supporting the sustainability of potato production in Manitoba and across the country.
Email: mario.tenuta@umanitoba.ca
Twitter: @soilecologyUMan
To learn more about Mario and the Chair program, please visit www.soilecology.ca

Aaron Sauser - Lindsay Corporation

Aaron’s title reads Manager NE Parts Dist., Sprinklers and VRI although like everyone else that is his title and finds him doing a lot of other interesting projects. He has worked for Lindsay Corporation for 17 years managing the Sprinkler and VRI department. Making recommendations on sprinkler type and working with growers and dealers to put the correct sprinklers in the field. Aaron also manages the VRI department where he designs the VRI machines and trains dealers and growers on the product. VRI is very interesting to him because it can be used so many different ways and resolve issues. A year ago Aaron became the Nebraska Parts Distribution Manager where he oversees all parts shipped out of the Nebraska location.
Previously worked at CVA-Tilden Branch for 5 years where he was an agronomist. Selling Seed, Variable Rate Application, Yield Monitors and Grid Sampling were his main tasks.
Aaron grew up in a family farm near Neligh, Nebraska that is still operational. Currently lives in Tilden NE with his wife Tina and daughters Eddan, Sawyer and son Hudson. He has completed the Nebraska Water Leader’s Academy.